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Lambton Kent District School Board
Every Student, Every Day
Who Am I?

​​​​​We work to provide many opportunities to students that allow them to learn more about "Who Am I?".  It is important for students of all ages to understand the characteristics that describe who they are.  Some of these important characteristics include;  interests, strengths, accomplishments, values and skills.  As students become more aware of these characteristics, teachers help them learn strategies to reflect on how these characteristics influence their thoughts and actions, and how these thoughts and actions may affect their development as learners.

Our teachers work to embed these learnings into the various curriculum areas that they cover.  Students can learn more about who they are as a learner at any point in their education, Kindergarten to grade 12, and beyond.

As part of the grade 7 - 12 Pathways program, students actively engage in the myBlueprint program, where they can complete surveys and activities to learn more about their personalities, career interests and skills that will connect to potential career and education pathways.  

​Parents are encouraged to engage in these types of conversations at home as well.  ​Sample questions to help you foster a reflective mindset at home include:

What new thing did you learn at school today?  How did you learn it?

What struggles did you have today and how did you overcome them?

What skill are you working to improve right now?  

Did you make any "good choices" today?  Tell me about it.

Tell me about a success you had today.

Tell me about something you are proud of today.

Teach me something you learned today.

If you would like to learn more about the myBlueprint program, and to create a parent account, click on the myBlueprint link below for more information.