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Lambton Kent District School Board
Every Student, Every Day

"Writing is a powerful instrument for students to use to express their thoughts, feelings, and judgments about what they have read, seen, or experienced. As students continue to develop an understanding of the writing process; the elements of writing; text forms, genres, and formats; and technology, they are able to express themselves more confidently and effectively.”

Source: A Guide to Effective Instruction in Writing: Kindergarten to Grade 3 (pg 1.3)

How to encourage hesitant writers:

  1. Scribe ideas for them

  2. Have them edit with a pen with a colour of their choice

  3. Try to use Google Read & Write speech to text

  4. Encourage their effort

  5. Take breaks

  6. Have them write sections at a time, not all at once

  7. Create an appropriate reward system

Stay true to the writing process!


Useful Tools

​Pencil.jpgWord Reference : An online dictionary used to look up single words from English to French or vice versa

Personal or visual dictionaries Bon Patron
​Students can use this online tool to help edit their written work.

readwrite.pngRead & Write

Read & Write is an extension for Google Chrome or an app for the iPad that 'provides personalized support to make documents, web pages and common file types in Google Drive more accessible'.  It can be used at home on a laptop, Chromebook, iPad or Android device.  
Read & Write Extension for Chrome
To set up Read & Write on an iPad, see the instructions here: Read and Write for iPad Setup.pdf

Be mindful of Google Translator use. In order to avoid plagiarism, translate one word at a time like you would if you were looking a word up in the dictionary.