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Every Student, Every Day

Children learn by doing.  To help learn the letters of the alphabet and sounds, offer your child opportunities to manipulate the letters in a variety of ways.  Here are just a few ideas:

  1. Alphabet fridge magnets
  2. White board markers/crayola window writers
  3. Create letters with play dough or magnetic sand
  4. Letter stickers
  5. Wooden letters 

Reading Strategies

strategies bookmark.pngDownload and print off the reading strategies bookmark to the left.  Use these strategies and the guiding questions with your child to help and encourage them while reading with them at home.  Children who can effectively use reading strategies become more confident readers who think about, respond and reflect on what they have read.  

Source: A Guide to Effective Instruction in Reading: Kindergarten to Grade 3 (pg 2.3)​​