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Flyer Distribution

At the LKDSB, part of our effort to be more environmentally aware involves the way we share information with our communities.

Organizations and corporations frequently approach the Lambton Kent District School Board and/our schools for permission to distribute materials via students. Materials distributed must:
  • be of educational or cultural benefit to students, support curriculum or extra-curricular activities for students, and align with the Board’s mission statement, purpose, policies and procedures
  • be within the school district and is viable for attendance by our students or staff
  • respect the Municipal Freedom of Information (FOI) and Protection of Privacy Act and the Education Act.
  • be respectful of all faiths, races and ethnic backgrounds
  • not be for personal gain, or be a private business or individual
  • not promote a political, religious or faith-related group or belief
Preference will be given to materials from non-profit, charitable organizations in the location towns and cities in our area.

We use this digital flyer web page as a place to house flyers, instead of sending paper home. This continues to share relevant opportunities with our students and families.

An electronic copy of the materials (.pdf, .jpg or .png) will be requested to review. If approved, the electronic flyer will be posted here on our flyer distribution page.

Questions/Requests regarding the distribution of materials should be directed to:
Corporate Communications

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