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CBC News in Review - We have from September 1991 - Current available in the library.  Search the Library Catalogue or here to see if we have something that will work for you. Google Videos - Use Google to search for Videos for your project.  Accessible at school, unlike
How is a library database different from the Web? 

Library Databases:
Get their information from professionals or experts in the field. 
Contain published works where facts are checked. 
Are easy to cite in a bibliography and may create the citation for you. 
Can help you narrow your topic or suggest related subjects. 
Are updated frequently and include the date of publication. 
May be written by anyone regardless of expertise.  
Content may not be checked by an expert. 
Often don't provide the information necessary to create a complete citation. 
Often aren't organized to support a student's research needs. 
May not indicate when a page is updated. 
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