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Lakeroad Public School
Message from the Principal
Lakeroad School is a safe and caring learning environment that provides quality education for all.  As a new principal entering this school for my first year, I am truly impressed by the compassion, respect, and enthusiasm demonstrated by students, staff, and parents.  The caring attitude of the Lakeroad School community makes our school an inviting and vibrant learning environment.

Lakeroad School has much to be proud of: from quality and leading edge instruction and experiential learning, exciting sports teams, passionate teachers, an active and supportive parent community,  to students who display a strong sense of personal and social responsibility.  I am particularly excited about the student leadership that happens from our newly formed Student Council.  With their voice and support, everyone at Lakeroad School takes part in initiatives such as Spirit Days, which has further developed a sense of camaraderie.

I look forward to the daily interaction with staff and students during the school year and I hope I will have the opportunity to meet each and every parent during this school year.