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Confederation Central School

Nut Awareness

At this point in time, the following classes have been identified as those into which food items containing peanuts and/or "tree-nuts" may not be introduced:
  • FDK
  • Grade 1/2
  • Grade 3/4
  • Grade 5/6
Notice To All Families Regarding "Nut-aware" Classrooms This Year

In order to safeguard our students who are allergic to certain substances, it is sometimes necessary and appropriate to declare their classrooms to be areas where allergens may not be brought in. An allergen is a substance to which a person can have a severe reaction. This year, there will be several students at Confederation Central who have allergies to peanuts, to “tree-nuts”, or to peanuts and “tree-nuts”. Some are also allergic to other allergens. In order to ensure that we are doing our best to safeguard these students, their classrooms will be designated as rooms where peanuts, “tree-nuts”, or peanuts and “tree-nuts”, may not be introduced. Specifically, but not exclusively, it has been determined, in consultation with a physician who specialises in allergies and anaphylaxis, that Mrs Stock’s Grade 1/2 classroom, Mr Hillis' Grade 3/4 classroom, and Miss Heaman's Grade 5/6 classroom will be both "peanut-aware" and “tree-nut-aware”. Parents and guardians are asked to do their very best to ensure that no food products that contain peanuts and “tree-nuts” – this does not include coconut and nutmeg – are sent to school. We fully realise that this means that parents will have to carefully read labels for ingredients in order to help safeguard the wellbeing of these students. Fortunately, the food industry has been increasingly providing products that are specifically labelled as being produced in a plant where no nuts have been introduced. You will need to be certain that a label that reads “nut-free” does not mean just peanuts. In a school setting such as ours where we welcome all students, we sometimes need to make accommodations in order to ensure that those needs are met. When it comes to a matter of this level of medical necessity, we have a moral obligation to do so.

Asthma Legislation

New legislation from Queen’s Park known as Ryan’s Law: An Act to Protect Asthmatic Pupils now requires that schools be “asthma friendly”. This may require, should the need arise, that certain items be proscribed from being brought into the school. At this point in time, no such items have been identified.


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