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Tilbury District High School

Message from the Principal

Welcome/Wilkommen Titans to what is expected to be an engaging, progressive and successful school year at Tilbury District High School. We are excited to bring to you technology-enhanced learning opportunities as well as life experiences which will remain with you always. Students enlisted to the Health and Wellness SHSM program will find our fitness rooms have newly installed CrossFit equipment, we believe to be the first in the district, for your use. We are also progressing fully into a digital platform that will enable learning on and off campus as supports for classroom learning. A New York trip is planned for the spring and the TDHS student council has planned loads of fun to involve all students in activities each month. If you are enrolled in our ACCESS program, we are also expanding to provide ‘drop in’ sessions for all critical course listings as well as a manufacturing course first semester.

TDHS staff and the Lambton Kent District School Board continue to strive to create a relevant and engaging learning environment for all students. Get involved, build your network and work with the future in mind. Teachers are committed to expanding your learning, stretching your thinking and pushing you to reach
new platforms which will help you realize your full potential. As a Titan, you will find you have the strength and ability to reach your goals, so aim high!

We warmly welcome all students to the 2016 - 2017 school year. Parents are encouraged to join in the experience!

B. Goldhawk, Principal


Tilbury District High School
97 Queen St S, Tilbury, ON, N0P 2L0
Principal: Ben Lawton

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