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Blenheim District High School
Exam Information

A number of days will be allotted for the scheduling of formal examinations at the end of each semester.  The instructors will note exceptions.  The exam schedule will be made available and posted about the school and on our website, prior to the exams beginning.

The exams will be conducted according to the policies and procedures of Education Statutes and Regulations of Ontario, O.S.I.S., O.S.S. 1999 and the Policies of the Lambton Kent District School Board.

Absent from an Exam

It is expected that every student will write examinations during the scheduled exam period.  Exceptions go through the vice-principal in charge of examinations.  Valid exceptions are not of a discretionary nature (ie. family vacations).  Failure to write an exam may result in the failure of the course, regardless of his/her previous standing in the course.

Any student who is absent from an exam because of illness or other unavoidable circumstances should have a parent/guardian contact the school prior to the exam, or within 24 hours of the exam.  A doctor's note may be required.

An appeal of a final evaluation must be made in writing, stating all particulars, to the Principal within 10 days of receipt of the final evaluation.  See the Exam Schedule above for details.


Please do not schedule to be away during the days set aside for exams.  In case of schedule interruptions, exams may need to be written on different days due to poor weather and bus cancellations.  If there is an interruption,  the whole schedule moves one day.

Exam Preparation Tips: [ click the link below]

How to Study For Exams (with Pictures)  

Exemptions:  Certain students may be exempt from particular exams, if they meet the following criteria: [ click the link below]

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