TELP - Technology Enriched Learning Plan


Frequently Asked Questions

Why does my child need an iPad at school?

Access to technology opens the world to a student. The iPad is a device that may be utilized for research, collaboration, organization, creativity, communication, and independence. It allows students to communicate with experts around the world, access information from a variety of sources and express their learning in unique ways.

Why iPad and not another type of device?

During the 2011-12 school year, the LK Connect 1:1 iPad pilot project was introduced. At that time, students and teachers were involved in the decision-making process about the device that would be purchased. After much research and trial, the iPad was the device that was selected. Currently, there are approximately 10,000 devices within the LKDSB. Educators and administrators have experienced many professional learning opportunities about how to maximize the possibilities of the iPad to support student learning.

Who buys the cover for the device?

LKDSB will be purchasing covers for the student devices.

Who pays for the apps for the device?

LKDSB or the school will provide any paid apps that students are being asked to use for school work.

Can my child use a personal iTunes account to download apps and content?

Each iPad has an LKDSB Apple ID to add apps that are required by the school. Students may use their own Apple ID, or a family Apple ID, to add apps or other content to the device. Students should only download appropriate content.

Why does my child need to bring the iPad home? If my child brings the iPad home, can the rest of the family use it?

Having access to the iPad at home allows students to extend their learning beyond the traditional school day. Students can continue to access information to enhance their learning and utilize organizational tools to remain up-to-date with assignments. The iPad is also a powerful tool for collaboration amongst peers. Students who can bring the device home can use it to collaborate with their classmates on homework assignments and/or projects. As well, students can participate in flip-classroom lessons or activities.


Families have access to the iPad mini to learn together.

How are you keeping my child safe online?

At school, the internet has high level filters to prevent illegal and dangerous content such as pornography. The iPad mini should be treated like any other media in your home and monitored for content as you feel is appropriate.


The iPad mini and content on the device is property of LKDSB and students should have no expectation of privacy as far as information they are storing on the device. Students can be asked to hand over the device for monitoring of content by Board staff.

What happens if my childís device is stolen or broken?

Accidents happen. All damages will be investigated by the principal, and a decision about responsibility for cost will be made on a case by case basis.

I donít have WiFi at home. Will my child be at a disadvantage?

Many of our families are in this situation for a number of reasons. There are many functions on the iPad mini that can be used without access to WiFi. Teachers are expected to know their students and families and provide homework assignments that are reasonable for students in all situations.

Iím not familiar with using an iPad mini. How can I help my child at home?

Have your child show you how to use the device! Often, they are more comfortable with figuring out how to use new technology. youTube also has great tutorials if you are interested in learning on your own.

Which apps will be installed on the Grade 7 iPad minis?





Shadow Puppet Edu

Adobe Voice

Adobe Slate

Google Drive

Google Docs

Google Sheets

Google Slides

Google Classroom



i-nigma QR code

PicCollage for Kids

Digital Compass by Common Sense

Book Creator

Explain Everything




Green Screen by DoInk  


TELP Timeline


Area of Focus 2014/2015 2015/2016 2016/2017
Infrastructure Upgrade $2 M $2 M arrow
JK/SK $200,000
Every Teacher and
ECE to receive iPad
mini plus 5 per classroom
arrow arrow
Grade 1 to 6
  • School allocation
  • School purchases
  • Engagement Lambton Kent (ELK)
Grade 7 100 teachers to receive
iPad minis plus
five per classroom
1400 iPad minis
for every
Grade 7 student
1400 iPad minis for
every Grade 7
Grade 8
  • School allocation
  • School purchases
100 teachers to receive iPad minis  New teachers to receive iPad minis 
Grade 9
  • ELK & LK Connect Project data collection 
ELK  Every teacher to receive iPad minis
Grade 10
  • School allocation
  • School purchases
  • Engagement Lambton Kent (ELK)
  • ELK
  • School allocation
  • School purchases
  • ELK
  • School allocation
  • School purchases
Grade 11 & 12
  • School allocation
  • School purchases
  • School allocation
  • School purchases
  • School allocation
  • School purchases


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