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No. School Phone / Fax / Email Map
111 Alexander Mackenzie
1257 Michigan Ave
Sarnia, ON 
N7S 3Y3
P: 519-542-5505
F: 519-542-5294
Principal: L. Smith-McKelvie
Vice Principal: C. White
Office Supervisor: C. Marcoux
112 Blenheim D.H.S.
163 Chatham Street
Blenheim, ON  N0P 1A0
P: 519-676-5485
F: 519-676-4919
Principal: Mark Hunt
Vice Principal: Elsa Natvik
Office Supervisor: Lori Lawrence
114 Chatham-Kent S.S.
285 McNaughton Ave E.
Chatham, ON  N7L 2G7
P: 519-352-2870
F: 519-352-2908
Principal: Mary Mancini
Vice Principal: M. McDonald
Vice Principal: M. Hunt
Office Supervisor: Kim Jeffrey
116 John McGregor S.S.
300 Cecile Ave
Chatham, ON  N7M 2C6
P: 519-354-1740
F: 519-354-2947
Principal: Don Zondag
Vice Principal: B. Bruette
Vice Principal: B. Lawton
Office Supervisor: Bernadette Lobbestael
117 Lambton C.C.V.I.
4141 Dufferin Ave
Petrolia, ON N0N 1R0
P: 519-882-1910/1911
F: 519-882-1860
Principal: Linda Jared
Vice Principal: ML. Falla
Vice Principal: J. Keane
Office Supervisor: Amanda Gray
118 Lambton-Kent C.S.
231 St. George St. N.
Dresden, ON N0P 1M0
P: 519-683-4475
F: 519-683-2699
Principal: Scott McKelvie
Vice Principal: C. Scott
Office Supervisor: Tracy Childs
119 North Lambton S.S.
15-17 George Street
Forest, ON  N0N 1J0
P: 519-786-2166
F: 519-786-5250
Principal: Sue Ferguson
Vice Principal: Scott Watson
Office Supervisor: Wendy Jory
120 Northern C.I. & V.S.
940 Michigan Avenue
Sarnia, ON  N7S 2B1
P: 519-542-5545
F: 519-542-0571
Principal: Gary Girardi
Vice Principal: J. Garrett
Vice Principal: J. Stewart
Office Supervisor: Diana Iaccino
121 Ridgetown D.H.S.
9 Harold Street North
Box 970
Ridgetown, ON  N0P 2C0
P: 519-674-5449
F: 519-674-5171
Principal: Gregory Nemcek
Vice Principal: Heather VanderPol
Office Supervisor: Michell Jones
122 Sarnia C.I. & T.S.
275 Wellington Street
Sarnia, ON  N7T 1H1
P: 519-336-6131
F: 519-336-0220
Principal: Sean Keane
Vice Principal: Rhonda Leystra
Office Supervisor: Nancy Harrett
123 St. Clair S. S.
340 Murphy Road
Sarnia, ON  N7S 2X1
P: 519-332-1140
F: 519-332-5039
Principal: Paul Wiersma
Vice Principal: Melissa Mallette
Office Supervisor: Laura Thiffeault
124 Tilbury D.H.S.
97 Queen Street South
Tilbury, ON  N0P 2L0
P: 519-682-0751
F: 519-682-0758
Principal: Barb Goldhawk
Office Supervisor: Kim Daugherty
125 Wallaceburg D.S.S.
920 Elgin Street,
Wallaceburg, ON  N8A 3E1
P: 519-627-3368
F: 519-627-3833
Principal: Rob Lee
Vice Principal: L. MacDonald
Vice Principal: M. Coates
Office Supervisor: Michelle Van Bunderen

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