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Summer Semester

Page last updated: January 10, 2017


Summer Semester 2017 info will be posted in the coming months.

SummerSemester Course Offerings

  • All courses are a minimum of 110 hours with the exception of Careers, Civics and the grade 9 Math Transfer course (MPM1H) which are 55 hours in length.
  • New Credits:
    • To be eligible to take a Summer Semester Secondary e-Learning course students must have all pre-requisite courses prior to beginning a Summer Semester e-Learning course.
  • Mark Improvement:
    • Students who have already successfully completed a course during the regular school year may take a full credit course again in Summer Semester to work toward improving their mark.
  • Civics, Careers and the Grade 9 Math Transfer course (MPM1H)
    • New Credit Students may take Civics and Careers, or the grade 9 Math Transfer Course as new credit courses prior to their grade 10 school year. These are 55 hour half credit courses that will run concurrently for the entire four week Secondary Summer Semester e-Learning program.  
    • These are the only new credit courses available for grade 9 students to take during the summer before their grade 10 school year. All other 110 hour grade 9 and 10 courses are for students who want to work toward an improved mark or who have to retake a course.  
  • All students are encouraged to work from a Summer Semester location for the duration of the program.
Subject Grade 9 Grade 10 Grade 11 Grade 12
Other Courses        


This program allows students entering grade 10, 11 and grade 12 to earn 1 or 2 credits through Cooperative Education and is designed for students who are behind in credit totals. Students are to be referred by the Student Success Team in their home school. 110 hours per Coop Credit (to a maximum of 220 hours or 2 credits) plus completion of online assignments are required.


Summer Coop students cannot participate in other Summer School courses. 


Summer Coop Orientation - Students will be contacted by their Coop Teacher.

SummerSemester Schedule

Date Description
TBD New Credit Courses Begin
Orientation at Summer School Sites - Optional
TBD New Credit Exams (110 and 55 hour)
TBD Summer Coop Program Ends

FinalMarks & Report Cards

  • Report cards will be provided to students by their teacher within the e-Learning classroom, they will be emailed to the students' email address we have on file, they will be mailed to the students' home and they will be mailed to the students' home school.

Howto Officially Drop a Course

To officially drop a course so a mark will not show on a transcript parents of students who are under the age of 18 and students who are 18 years of age or older must contact the Site Principal of the Secondary Summer Semester program directly by calling the Summer Semester office during office hours. Phone messages, and informing the Summer Semester teacher within the e-Learning classroom will not result in a course being dropped. Once the Site Administer has been contacted directly a confirmation email will be sent to the email address that the Summer Semester office has on file for the student / parent / guardian. If a confirmation email has not been received the course has not been dropped. 


Deadline to Drop a Course: TBD


Please notify an Alternative & Continuing Education Centre of any errors or omissions by TBD.

GeneralCourse Information

  • Secondary students with the Lambton Kent District School Board, or students from a board with membership in the Ontario eLearing Consortium are eligible to register providing he/she meets the program requirements.
  • Listed courses will run pending sufficient enrollment.
  • Students may only complete one credit in the summer semester. The only exception is for students eligible for Civics (CHV2O), Career Studies (GLC2O) and the Grade 9 Math Transfer Course (MPM 1H) which run concurrently.
  • Course material will be delivered in an e-Learning format.
  • An optional “in person” orientation for students unfamiliar with the elearning platform will be provided at both Summer Semester locations on July 4, 2016.
  • All students will complete an online orientation as part of their course material- this must be completed prior to the beginning of their course
  • It is recommended that all students work from a Summer Semester location for the remainder of the program, but will have the option to work from home.
  • Daily attendance will be taken via the e-Learning classroom.
  • The Summer Semester sites will be open every day, between 8:30AM and 12:30PM, allowing students to drop in for teacher assistance or to use computers.

ProgramDates & Locations

New Credit: Dates TBD from 8:30 am - 12:30 pm


Alexander Mackenzie Secondary School - Sarnia (519-542-5505)

John McGregor Secondary School - Chatham (519-354-1740)



Students, parents and counsellors can view course offerings by clicking the link, “View the (current year) Course Offerings here”.

  1. Students can only enroll in one summer program; students cannot participate in both summer semester courses and Summer Co-op.
  2. Counsellors can register a student for a summer course via the Student Success eSolution (SSeS) web site.
  3. Please ensure that the email address used for Registration is the email address that the student uses and checks regularly.
  4. The registration deadline is TBD.

SummerSemester Contact Information

Before and After Summer Semester, direct all inquiries to :

  • Alternative & Continuing Education Centre - Sarnia (519-383-8787)
  • Alternative & Continuing Education Centre - Chatham (519-351-9540)

During Summer Semester; direct all inquires to the summer semester locations:

  • Alexander Mackenzie S.S. (519-542-5505)
  • John McGregor SS. (519-354-1740)