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Full Day Kindergarten (FDK) Program


The Education Act requires school boards to operate an extended day. The Full-Day Kindergarten Program is a Ministry of Education provincial initiative that offers children ages 4 & 5 years, an enriched learning environment designed to help them develop socially, emotionally, academically and physically. This positive learning environment is provided by a certified Teacher and an Early Childhood Educator together.


Ontario began phasing in the Full-Day Kindergarten Program in September 2010 with full implementation in all schools by September 2015.


Full Day Kindergarten Extended Day Program


The Extended Day program is specifically developed for four and five year olds and functions under the operational framework of the Education Act under s.259. The program is optional to families on a fee for service basis. The viability of the Extended Day Program is explored by conducting an annual survey of families' needs for each Full Day Kindergarten school. This program will be considered if twenty or more children demonstrate an interest in registering in the program on a consistent basis. The surveys collected for the 2014-2015 school year identified interest specifically in JK/SK programming in the following schools;


Schools Offering Extended Day Programming Third Party Child Care Operator Before & After School Rate Before School Only Rate After School Only Rate Non-instructional Day Rate
Bright's Grove Public School Sarnia Lambton YMCA  $18.60  $11.20  $11.20  N/A
»cole Hillcrest  Generations Child Care  $18.00 $9.00  $9.00  $31.00 
Indian Creek Road Public School  Chatham-Kent YMCA  $18.60  $11.20  $11.20  N/A
King George VI Public School - Chatham Chatham-Kent YMCA $18.60  $11.20  $11.20  N/A
McNaughton Avenue Public School Chatham-Kent YMCA  $18.60  $11.20  $11.20  N/A
Queen Elizabeth II Petrolia Generations Child Care $18.00 $9.00  $9.00  $31.00 
Rosedale Public School  Sarnia Lambton YMCA  $18.60  $11.20  $11.20  N/A
Tecumseh Public School  Growing Together at Tecumseh $6.50/hr.  $6.50/hr.  $6.50/hr.  $43.50 
W.J. Baird Public School Growing Together at W.J. Baird $6.25/hr $6.25/hr $6.25/hr $37.00


Parents interested in registering their child for the Extended Day Program are asked to contact Chatham-Kent Child Care Waitlist and complete the information required.


Once you have registered on the child care waitlist, an email is sent to the operator and he/she will be in contact with you. A number of schools operate Extended Day/Before and After School programs throughout the Lambton Kent District School Board.


Subsidies Available


Subsidies are available to offset the cost of these programs. Contact one of the following subsidy offices for more information:

  • Lambton - 519-344-2057
  • Chatham-Kent - 519-351-1228 ext. 2131 or 2132

Contact Information

For more information about the Full Day Kindergarten Program, contact:

Taf Lounsbury, Superintendent of Education - Early Years / Elementary

519-336-1500, Ext 31570



About the Program


The Board worked with local municipalities and its coterminous school board to select schools based on the Ministry of Educationís guidelines, including available space, impact on existing local child care and local need.


Teachers and early childhood educators will work together to help children learn during the regular school day. Working side-by-side, these educators will create a welcoming environment where children can learn, play and grow.

The remainder of the schools under the jurisdiction of the Lambton Kent District School Board will continue to offer the traditional alternative day program in September 2010.

The full-day learning for four and five-year-olds will be phased in at the other schools in stages with a goal of having it fully implemented by 2015/16.


Year 1 Implementation 2010-2011


The Lambton Kent District School Board will offer full-day learning at the following school sites during the 2010-2011 school year:

  • Brigden School, Brigden
  • Colonel Cameron Public School, Corunna
  • D.A. Gordon Public School, Wallaceburg
  • P.E. McGibbon School, Sarnia
  • Queen Elizabeth II School, Sarnia
  • Victor Lauriston Public School, Chatham
  • Wheatley Area Public School, Wheatley
  • Zone Township Central School, Bothwell

Year 2 Implementation 2011-2012


During 2011-12, the Full-Day Early Learning Kindergarten Program (FDELKP) will be held at three additional Lambton Kent District School Board sites:

  • Mooretown - Courtright Public School, Mooretown (one classroom)
  • Rosedale School, Sarnia,
  • Tilbury Area Public School

Year 3 Implementation 2012-2013


During 2012-13, the Full-Day Early Learning Kindergarten Program (FDELKP) will be held at these additional Lambton Kent District School Board sites:

  • A.A. Wright Public School, Wallaceburg
  • Bosqanuet Central School, Thedford
  • Dawn Euphemia School, Dresden
  • Dresden Area Central School, Dresden
  • Errol Village Public School, Camlachie
  • H.W. Burgess Public School, Wallaceburg
  • Hanna Memorial Public School, Sarnia
  • Lansdowne Public School, Sarnia
  • Merlin Area Public School, Merlin
  • Naahii Ridge Public School, Ridgetown
  • South Plympton Public School, Wyoming
  • Tecumseh Public School, Chatham
  • Thamesville Area Central School, Thamesville

Year 4 Implementation 2013-2014

During 2013-14, the Full-Day Early Learning Kindergarten Program (FDELKP) will be held at these additional Lambton Kent District School Board sites:

  • Aberarder Central School, Camlachie
  • Bridgeview Public School, Point Edward
  • Bright's Grove Public School, Bright's Grove
  • Confederation Central School, Sarnia
  • East Lambton Elementary School, Watford
  • Grand Bend Public School, Grand Bend
  • Gregory Drive Public School, Chatham
  • Hillcrest Public School, Petrolia
  • Indian Creek Road Public School, Chatham
  • King George VI Public School, Chatham
  • King George VI Public School, Sarnia
  • Lakeroad Public School, Sarnia
  • Lambton Centennial Public School, Petrolia
  • London Road Public School, Sarnia
  • Queen Elizabeth II Public School, Chatham
  • Queen Elizabeth II Public School, Petrolia

Year 5 Implementation 2014-2015

During 2014-15, the Full-Day Early Learning Kindergarten Program (FDELKP) will be held at these additional Lambton Kent District School Board sites:

  • Brooke Central School, Alvinston
  • Cathcart Boulevard Public School, Sarnia
  • Errol Road Public School, Sarnia
  • Harwich Raleigh Public School, Blenheim
  • High Park Public School, Sarnia
  • John N. Given Public School, Chatham
  • Kinnwood Central Public School, Forest
  • McNaughton Avenue Public School, Chatham
  • Riverview Public School, Port Lambton
  • Sir John Moore Community School, Corunna
  • WJ Baird Public School, Blenheim
  • Winston Churchill Public School, Chatham


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