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The Lambton Kent District School Board offers a range of programs for bright and gifted students. We hope that as you navigate this site, you find it useful and informative. An overview of our Elementary Enrichment Model and our Secondary Enrichment Model will provide links to further descriptions of the process each level will take.


What is Enrichment?


Enrichment is a form of differentiation. One of the best ways to support this in the classroom is through differentiated instruction. Enrichment is often said to involve

  • Researching a theme, subject or skill and developing it in depth and/or breadth;
  • Exploring the basic curriculum subjects with a wider context;
  • Providing pupils with experiences outside the ‘regular’ curriculum (breadth).
  • Altering the pace the student uses to cover regular curriculum in order to explore topics of interest in greater depth/breadth with in their own grade level
  • A higher quality of work than the norm for the given age group
  • The promotion of a higher level of thinking and making connections
  • The inclusion of additional subject areas and/or activities (cross-curricular)
  • Using supplementary materials in addition to the normal range of resources.  

Enrichment is sometimes seen as the development of particular cognitive traits. These traits can include creative thinking, problem solving, taking initiative, self-direction, organizational skills, higher order thinking skills, distinct personal interests and the development of social and leadership skills. These kinds of enrichment opportunities should be created within the classroom setting and beyond. An important element of enrichment is that it must augment the curriculum and the student’s overall learning experience. This applies both to work done in the classroom and to activities outside the classroom. It is certainly important that all students receive an enriched program in the regular classroom, but the word ‘enrichment’ when applied to this program means activities designed to meet the needs of specific learners. 

Enrichment Team

Lisa Valade

Special Education Coordinator

519-354-3775 ext 31475


Carolyn Bus

Itinerant Enrichment Teacher - Elementary


Sheila Ward

Itinerant Enrichment Teacher - Elementary


Eva Thompson

Itinerant Enrichment Teacher - Secondary