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Vacancies in the following job categories are posted here:

  • Elementary Teacher
  • Secondary Teacher
  • Alternative and Continuing Education

Applying on-line - F.A.Q's - Teaching


Elementary Mid Year Hire Process



The position type (permanent or long term occasional) and to whom the posting is open(Permanent E.T.F.O, Elementary L.T.O. List, Elementary OT Roster, Permanent O.S.S.T.F., Secondary L.T.O. List, Secondary O.T. Roster or external) will be specifically stated for each posting.  External applicants should only apply to external postings.


Internal applicants refers to permanent members of the selected union.


Internal applicants for permanent O.S.S.T.F. postings refers to permanent L.K.D.S.B. O.S.S.T.F. members.  All other applicants are external. 


Internal applicants for permanent E.T.F.O. postings refers to permanent L.K.D.S.B. E.T.F.O. members.  All other applicants are external.


If postings are open to occasional employees it will specifically indicate which occasional group (O.T. Roster) the posting is open to. i.e. Elementary O.T. Roster or Secondary O.T. Roster or C.U.P.E. occasional.


“Needs to Know Info”


The L.K.D.S.B. will replenish the Elementary and Secondary OT Roster on an as needed basis. Please watch our website for the positing and apply online at that time.


The L.K.D.S.B. only accepts applications directly to postings from our website. Only applicants who apply directly to a posting through our on-line process will be considered.


The L.K.D.S.B. does not use to post positions.  


The above dates and information are subject to change at any time.


Page last updated: March 03, 2017