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Facility Partnership Program


The Lambton Kent District School Board encourages partnerships between community partners to share facilities for better use of public facilities owned by the School Board. Facility partnerships are intended to establish shared use during school hours between the Board and community partners. Facility partnerships opportunities will be available in schools where excess space has been identified by The Lambton Kent District School Board.


The use of space in schools, strengthen the schools role in the community and promotes coordination and access of services for students and the whole community. The sharing of these facilities will continue to be for the benefit of the Board, students and the community while ensuring student achievement remain the highest priority. The health and safety of the students  will remain the primary focus when implementing this initiative.


A facility partnership is intended to provide the following opportunities for both Board and community:

  • Reduce operating costs and maximize use of public facilities.
  • Improve services available to students and the community.
  • Build relationships between schools board and community partners and the public.
  • Maximize efficiency and access for service delivery through usage of school facilities.

On June 22, 2010 The Lambton Kent District School Board approved the Facility Partnerships policy and regulations which is accessible through the following link: Facility Partnerships - Policy Document (pdf) and Facility Partnerships - Regulations Document (pdf).


Locations Available


The Lambton Kent District School Board has identified the following locations available for facility partnerships:


Lambton Kent Composite School
231 St. George St. N.
Dresden, Ontario


Dresden Area Public School
941 North Street
Dresden, Ontario


Dawn-Euphemia Public School
4587 Bentpath Line
Dresden, Ontario


The list of sites, with surplus space available for facility partnerships will be updated and posted in June each year.


For More Information Contact:


Joyce Hastings

Administrative Assistant

Business Dept.

Sarnia Education Centre

519-336-1500 Ext. 31431